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The Warm Prompt from Home Decoration----Choose the Right Lamps  2016-11-19
Lamps take an very important part in home decoration, the light effect is the key to build a harmonious family atmosphere. Now let’s absorb some basic knowledge of choosing the right lamps together. 
So many Led manufactures, Who choose us?  2016-09-06
Shengrongsen electronic corporation is a comany specialized in producing LED and has been recognized and believed by many customers. 
How far away can the driver be remotely mounted from the LEDs?  2013-12-20
The distance of the driver mount form the leds 
What does IP rating mean?  2013-12-18
IP means Ingress Protection 
How will I know whether to use a Constant Voltage or Constant Current driver with my LED's?  2013-12-16
How to distinguish the Constant Voltage driver and Constant Current driver 
What's the difference between Constant Voltage and Constant Current drivers?  2013-12-13
the difference between Constant Voltage and Constant Current drivers 
What is THD,PF and CF?  2013-12-10
THD,PF and CF is standards of measuring the quality of ballast,but what is THD,PF and CF? 
Will the ballast be impacted when the tube is damaged?  2013-11-19
Abstract:The reasons of damaging the ballast 
some ways to avoid light pollution  2013-08-27
Many people have been aware of the pollution from outdoor light,however,they have paid more attention from indoor light pollution,in fact,the design not only cause light pollution ,also effect our health 
different principle of inductance and electronic ballast  2013-08-21
Abstract: [building material network] because of simple structure and long span life,inductance ballast as the first kind ballat for fluorescent lamp,it still makes up a big market,but ,due to low power factor,bad low voltage starting,heavy energy consumption and many other weakness, it slowly replaces by electronic ballast, its energy loss 40W+10W  
Model/definition of LED tube lamp and bulb lamp  2013-08-13
T5 T8 led tube 
start condition test of ballast  2013-08-07
ballast preheating start 
the different of PF(power factor) and BF(ballast factor)  2013-08-01
the power factor relates the power utility to the ballast, It is a measure of how “efficiently” an electrical or electronic product uses its power. It usually expressed as a percentage from 0% to 100%  
what's better emergency ballast  2013-04-22
SRS emergency ballast 
what are the important certificates in Electronic Ballast?  2013-04-02
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