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LED lighting industry Ushered five golden years

It will be LED lighting five golden years From 2013 to 2018,each enterprise boss must seize this opportunity to develop the domestic market with innovative marketing mode.As said, at present there are almost ten selling channels in china.but be old and with risks.For example,one of the traditional marketing mode marketing sales,it need customize time-consuming and other characteristics,so that flow of fund is very difficult,in addition,many enterprises think “star”can enhance brand image to drive product sales,However,this is misunderstanding for building brand cognitive,it’s a question whether star can enhance brand effect.As a result ,how to carry out the marketing channel innovation will be a problem to be solved.

 LED lighting sales channels have defects  it’s no hesitate of innovative marketing mode.

LED age is coming,LED technology revolution will completely change industry competition.LED enterprises must learn to looking forward the future in pain,Enterprises want to reverse the fate of the route,they have to change their sales methods,develop new prospect,some enterprises like following others,the result is always slower than others,so they must show their internal idea in the operation and management to create vitality,which is key points to win customer.
Since this year,effected by international and domestic economic,many LED company fall into over capacity ,how to break through the difficulty,Liujun think the enterprises must create new sale mode besides perfect supply system,speed up product development,reduce product cost,marketing personal etc.

Expend market by sharing in network

In 2012,the popular “jiangnan style”choose you tube as their starting,then through facebook,twitter many social network.
Although ,at present LED enterprises base on engineer channel,but it must change shopping channel in the future,network will be a new marketing mode in the future,so our enterprises could sale by network to occupy more market share.
It’s more popular by network selling and buying,the advantage of network marketing is summarized three points, 1.low cost,high benefit 2.quick speed,high efficiency 3.simple convenient,strong interaction.

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