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Led Panel Light for SRSEB Series


Aluminum alloy



Installing Way

Messenger wire, fix with 1.5m wire

Rendering Index(Ra)



over 50000hrs

Temperature Range

Ambient:-20°C to 40°C, surface of lamp:60°C to70°C

Voltage Requirement

AC100 ~240V/ 50~60Hz


12W; 20W; 32W; 36W;38W; 48W;60W

Current Source

External driver with constant current and constant voltage.

Shengrongsen electronic corporation had invented a series of panel lights, which is highly-efficient, long-lifetime, lumen-soft, and low-harm for eye protection. Its light is quite gentle but bright enough, what's more, It is effective for eliminate eye-fatigue.
Mostly the products are used in indoor environment, the panel lights are advanced and bright, of which frame was create by oxidizing the aluminum alloy anode. The light source is mainly LED, whole light looks simple and tidy, elegant and luxurious. Not only good-appearance but high effect of lighting.
Shengrongsen panel light has special and ingenious design. After the light going through the high-transmittance light-guide plate, the planar luminescence effect realized. The panel light of Shengrongsen electronic corporation has the feature of radiation protection and will not stimulate the skin of pregnant women, the olds and children.


1. Wide voltage constant current circuit, stable performance, low maintenance rate, safe and reliable, the service life of the lamp bead more than 50000 hours.

2. No stroboscopic, constant current, luminous uniform, soft and close to natural light, comfortable and bright, can effectively alleviate eye fatigue.

3. Energy saving, low power consumption, more environmental friendly than traditional lamps.

4. No waves, no mercury, lead and other harmful environmental harmful substances, not affected by radio interference.






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